About ME

I can solve a Rubik's 2x2x2 Cube,
no matter how random it is.

I once hired Batman for voice-over work.
It's the only radio record I've gone to.

I taught myself guitar holding a right-handed
guitar upside down. I'm left-handed.

I learned typography with Letraset sheets.
Google it.

I was in a spy-alt-rock band, The Invincible
Dr. Psyclops Invasion,
 playing shows at
The Cutting Room, North Six and the
Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

I once wanted to professionally fix
the ID3 tags of people's digital music collections. 
Not my best idea.

I can pretty much recite any line from
A Few Good Men.

My line for face painting at my boys' school fundraiser is always the longest.

My grandfather gave me my first haircut
in his kitchen sink.

I learned to drive stick in a Nissan 300Z.
Not my friend's best idea.

I have a collection of Legos and Star Wars toys that my children are not allowed to play with.
My kids have a Lego collection I'm not allowed
to play with.

I built a 60-foot boardwalk with some friends
in college.

I once went to Las Vegas for work.
Not my employer's best idea.

I love old cameras and vintage Coke bottles.

I write down funny things my kids say.
I think it'll be a book.

Pokemon GO is an excellent excuse to give
my dog ridiculously long walks.

I've read the entire DUNE series.
It gets pretty trippy,

I believe in Aliens, Gremlins,
and the Oxford Comma.